Tobias Salzmann

Software Developer

Plex in docker with binds

The problem is that Plex runs as the plex user and therefore is not possible to access the bindings.

Responsive golang webapp without JavaScript

tl;dr It is possible to flush the http.ResponseWriter with the help of http.Flusher and create a responsive feedback for users that dont have JavaScript enabled.

Generating an rest api with go-gen-api

tl;dr I generated an api with go-gen-api to speed up my development process.

Getting the Skype for business status without any api

If you use an Skype for Business onprem server and you want to get the status of all users easily use this database script on your \RTCLOCAL table.

Recap: GoDaddy Bug - Certificates issued without proper domain validation

In late December 2016 I found a bug regarding GoDaddy’s domain validation, I was using Microsoft’s Azure portal as usually and created some certificates for domains. I noticed that some were issued with valid certificates for domains that did not even point to a valid server. After doing some testing I found that the validation process was broken: